Part 1 of a Blog Post Collection about the Pink Metal Copper

I would like to start a little series about the metal copper. Copper is an extraordinary metal and it needs to be mentioned , that there are many unknown facts deeper into why I think it is. You may find, you might agree with me. There is also a slight fact, I might teach you something new. Please do leave me your comments and thoughts after you read my Blog Post. I would really like to know what you think, also your misconceptions about copper. I am hoping if there are any, that they will be put to rest after this series is finished.

Before I get into the facts and benefits of copper let me tell you a little story of how I came to fall in love with copper.


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It was the year 1980 in the country of Germany, I was in high school 9th grade in Metal Workshop Class. I loved this class. I remember it like it was yesterday. I got to work with tools, like hammers and saws. The assignment of that month was to design and create handcrafted a candle holding dish with the material of your choosing. I chose copper, I still remember to this day how it looked, nothing special. Picture this... 2-inch tall x 5-inch wide round candle stand base with zig-zag pattern sawed out of the metal strip. I shaped it by my hands into a round slightly angled stand and soldered the sides together.  On the top of the candle stand, I soldered a hammered shallow copper bowl onto 3 of the zig-zag points. The candle would later sit on it. After I soaked the handmade copper candle stand in pickle to get all flux and coatings off, it looked pink and that is what sparked my interest. The final step was to sand the candle stand. I discovered with the process of sanding and polishing the candle stand just glistened in the color of rose gold. My love for copper was born, but It was not until later on in life, when I actually started to work with copper.


Copper is a material that can be recycled continuously. Wood, on the other hand, another natural resource, wears out and becomes weak and falls apart over time. However, copper maintains its integrity throughout continuous recycling and can be reused over and over again for multiple of things. Today some copper roofs are made of up to 75-percent recycled material from which one of them is copper all over the world.


Gold in its purest form is so soft that it can easily be shaped by hands, which is the reason why we add copper to gold, not only for the color (more copper content created Rosegold) but also for the stability of g So-called Twenty-four-carat gold also does contains copper!

 In part 2, among otherthings I will discuss, why we do not offer copper rings anymore, and why we will be offering copper bangles only in the individual product sub-menu.

Please do leave me your thoughts after you read my Blog Post



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