Will it be You ? Will it be Me?


Will it be you?  Will it be me?

It is a scary thought to think about whether or not you have Breast Cancer. I have experienced breast cancer through a dear German Childhood friend who has since past away. 

Over the course of this year, 2019 over 250 000 women living in the United States will be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer, and almost 63000 women will be diagnosed with in situ breast cancer. About 2700 men in the United States will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year.

I would like to gift one bracelet to one brave woman or men for being willing to be chosen to share his or her Breast Cancer Story with us. Sometimes we suffer to teach others how to suffer too. Breast Cancer does not stop at at any age. If you can share your experience,  advice, concerns, connections, links and more with all of my readers that would be greatly appreciated with Handcrafted piece of my self, made with love and passion.   

I will accept entries to lexibutlerdesigns@outlook.com under Subject "My Breast Cancer Story" until September 26th all day. The published story winner of the Breast Cancer Awareness can choose from the following products.

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