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Autumn 2016 Collection

 We at Lexi Butler Designs have put together a vibrant artisan made jewelry collection  representing the colors of nature.

Inspired by walks in the forest and mountain hikes, the artisan Lexi Butler designed and handcrafted an exuberant fall Artisan jewelry 2016 collection from 14 K Gold Fill, sterling silver and polished rose gold copper.

 You will find earrings and rings with large rivoli swarovski crystals in bright  fiery tones in orange, padparascha, reds, fuchsia and yellows and purple. Delight in our unique tree of life necklaces made with calming colors of  purples and blue gemstones  and well as earth tones of  topaz, browns and greens in pendants and bracelets.

In this luxurious artisan jewelry collection, you will something even for the women that do not usually wear jewelry.



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