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About me and my Company Lexi Butler Designs
I was born into a jewelry making family in Germany and by the time I was 4 years old I was proud owner of my first coping saw sawing Disney figures out of wood painting them with water color and proudly hand them up in my room.My love for tools and metal grew and having watched my father work and design jewelry, modeling in wax it all to clear I wanted to be his apprentice.
In 1986 I was the youngest of my school to received the journey man's degree is gold smith/jewelry design with just 20 years old.
I had worked at my dads site for a total 10 years. when I met the love of my life, got married entered mother hood and left my life as a goldsmith/jewelry designer behind.
 In 1996 me, my hubby and 14 month old son immigrated to Montana. My hubby was born in Iowa.
 In 1998 our daughter was born.
 In 2006 I picked up my first beading book and was hooked. It just gradually happened from there.
 In 2007 I made my US citizen ship and in 2008 I opened my business.
 Over the course of eight years I build websites and renamed my business several times. I also learned new jewelry techniques, like bead weaving and wire wrapping. I still do some silver smithing work in my Shop at home, but mostly I work with wire now. I also have a passion for bead weaving and I often combine these two together.
 In 2014 Lexi Butler was asked to become a featured designer and seller at a brand new direct sales company, whose mission it was to offer faith based artisan made merchandise including jewelry.
Coming from a background of one of a kind designs I had to totally remodel my thinking, I prayed about it and then started designing a whole other jewelry line. Affordable Artisan faith inspired jewelry and hand crafted.
Due to unforeseen fast growth and overwhelming expenses, that company closed its doors.
Just one week later I rebuild my website and launched my Company Lexi Butler Designs.

The artisan Lexi Butler expended on the vision to offer faith based artisan made jewelry and accessories to faith inspired jewelry, because every item she designs is just that inspired by faith. Lexi Butler Designs vision is therefore: To offer the best affordable faith inspired artisan made jewelry to women, men and children 12 years and up.

The artist says:
Money, sure its nice to have, but it is not the most important thing for me that makes me do this, but is it the passion to design and to create wearable art. I am a driven individual, and believe that we will revolutionize the Direct Sales Industry with our products. I just wish my father could see me now. He past away from liver cancer in march of 2014.

We are still young direct sales company with just 9 devoted sales reps ( mostly longtime customers and friends) and I believe, we will grow and succeed in our mission, that true artisan made jewelry crafted by hand, can reach many people, when it is made affordable!

 I invite you to Join Us and become part of our Company selling Lexi Butler Designs

Lexi Butler Owner/CEOLexi Butler Designs 


3150 Great Northern Ave
P.O.Box 17675
Missoula, MT 59808
Biz Hours 9am-5pm MST






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