About The Designer

I was born into a jewelry making family in Germany and by the time I was 4 years old I was the proud owner of my first coping saw sawing Disney figures out of wood painting them with water color and proudly hand them up in my room.My love for tools and metal grew and having watched my father work and design jewelry, modeling in wax it all too clear I wanted to be his apprentice.

In 1986 I was the youngest of my school to received the journey man's degree is
goldsmith/jewelry design with just 20 years old.
 I had worked at my dad's site for a total 10 years. when I met the love of my life, got married entered mother hood and left my life as a goldsmith/jewelry designer behind.
 In 1996 me, my hubby and 14-month old son immigrated to Montana. My hubby was born Iowa.
In 1998 our daughter was born.In 2006 I picked up my first beading book and was hooked. It just gradually happened from there.In 2007 I made my US citizen ship and in 2008 I opened my business. Over the course of the years, I build and rebuild websites and renamed my business several times. I self-taught new jewelry techniques, like bead
weaving and wire wrapping and being a webmaster.
 In 2014 Lexi Butler Designs was born.
In Memory of my Father
Rudolf Joos Goldsmith/Jewelry Designer
My father, Rudolf Joos, passed away from Liver Cancer on March 16th, 2014. He was almost 82 years old. He was not only my father but also my greatest teacher during the 10  years I worked in his company. From him, I have not only learned the trade of goldsmithing /jewelry designer and fine craftsmanship but also inherited the art to express uniqueness in design and to stand out as a fellow jewelry designer. I know it would have made him proud because he admired my work, creativity, and unique designs.
Lexi Butler Owner/CEO
Lexi Butler Designs 
P.O.Box 17675
Missoula, MT 59808
Biz Hours 9am-5pm MST