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Host A Party

Lexi Butler Designs Jewelry Party Hostess Rewards

Lexi Butler Designs comes to you...  you and your guests browse in the comfort of your own digs, perhaps with a glass of wine or two!

Or you can throw a Three Days Facebook event!

Free Jewelry or Store Credit for the Hostess

Jewelry parties are a great way to see lots of one of a kind Lexi Butler Designs that are on the website.

It’s perfect for bridal showers, girl's night, or basically for any reason at all.
Contact your sales rep and they will be happy to answer any questions you might have

Exclusive Hostess Bling Reward:

Value of Hostess Rewards Earrings is $45.00

Free pair of beautiful Artisan Made Copper/Silver Heart Earrings with lots of sparkly Fuchsia or Crystal Colored Swarovski Crystal (value of $45) for the hostess when affirmed sales total $150
10% of guest totals between $150 - $799
15% of guest totals over $800

PLUS another $10 Store Credit towards free Lexi Butler Designs Jewelry for every party booked and held from your party. (This will be confirmed through your Independent Lexi Butler Designs Artisan Jewelry Consultant)

 The Hostess Rewards are not available for sale!

Contact your Independent Artisan Jewelry Consultant near you with our Locator and get in touch with them today.


Q: Will everyone receive a free product at the party?
A: No only the hostess will receive and exclusive Reward with a Sales total of $100.00 0r more ( S+H not included)

Q: Do I have to host the party at my house? Can I host a Lexi Butler Designs party online?
A: It’s entirely up to you! You can have a party in your home, or online.

Q: Can I host with a friend (two hosts for one party)?
A: No, only one host per party.

Q: Can I host a Fundraiser instead of a party?
A: Sure thing! Instead of earning hostess rewards, we will donate 10% of the party sales to your choice of charity or organization.

Q: Can I host more than one party?
A: Yes, you can host as many as you want!

If you you would like to host a Lexi Butler Designs Party please locate your near by Sales Rep first through the Contact your Stylist Tab and send  a message requesting a to host a party. Your requested Sales rep will get in touch with you within 48 hours, through the info you provide to us. 



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