14 K Gold Fill Wire Wrapped Beaded Amethyst Druzy Gemstone Necklace


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Long Artisan made wire wrapped purple gemstone necklace.

This gorgeous gemstone necklace features 8 amethyst beads 6 mm wrapped with 24 gauges 14 k yellow gold fill wire and 14 violet  4mm Swarovski crystals wire wrapped links. 

in between the wire wrapped links and 14 k yellow gold fill chain sections. 

Amethyst has a pretty purple translucent color Simply Pretty! 

At the center front is a wire wrapped amethyst sparkly druzy agate pendant united with a 14 k yellow gold fill wire wrapped section.

The necklace closes with a medium size lobster clasp.

Length of the necklace is 24 inches


Amethyst is a violet variety of quartz often used in jewelry. The name comes from the ancient Greek ἀ a- ("not") and μέθυστος méthystos ("intoxicated"), a reference to the belief that the stone protected its owner from drunkenness.

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