As Seen on TA'RHONDA JONES of Empire Crystal Copper Shank Button Ring

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Size Guide
Ring Size Chart

Find your ring size easy with the 5 Step Size Finder, then compare to the chart
5 Easy Steps to finding your Ring Size:

1. Find a piece of string or strip of paper no wider than 3/4".

2. Wrap it around the base of the appropriate finger or toe.
FYI: If your knuckle is wider then your finger or toe make sure you measure the widest part of the finger or toe where you want to wear the ring!

3. Use a pen to mark the point on the string/paper where it overlaps, forming a complete circle.

4. With a ruler, measure the length from the starting end of the string/paper to the pen mark.

5. Use this measurement and the chart to the right to determine your ring size.

If you are between sizes order the larger size

This chart will help you determine the ring size you will require.  Use a tape measure, piece of string or piece of string around your finger or toe, where you will be wearing the ring.  Mark the string or paper where it overlaps to form a full circle.  Then take the marked string or paper and measure it so you can compare it with the below chart.  If it is a wide band, you might wish to add one size to accommodate for the extra width. 

Ring Size    Inches           mm
4                 1-13/16         46.5
4 ½             1-7/8             47.8
5                 1-15/16         49
5 ½              2                  50.3
6                  2-1/16          51.5
6 ½              2-1/8            52.8
7                  2-3/16          54
7 ½              2-1/4            55.3
8                  2-5/16          56.6
8 ½              2-3/8            57.6
9                  2-7/16          59.1
9 ½              2-1/2            60.3
10                2-9/16          61.6
10 ½            2-5/8            62.8
11                2-11/16        64.1
11 ½            2-3/4            65.3
12                2-13/16        66.6
12 ½            2-7/8            67.9
13                2-15/16        69.1

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This ring is part of the Lexi Butler Designs Display at The 2016 GBK Celebrity Gift  Lounge in Beverly Hills, CA

Remarkable and so comfy to wear is this hand crafted adjustable beaded bezel crystal shank button copper statement ring.

This ring has a unique wire wrapped sturdy adjustable double copper wire ring band with holds the 16 mm chrysolite Swarovski crystal shank button in place accompanied by a domed hammered copper bead cap.

This ring features a bead woven bezel out of tiny light and darker green luster rainbow and silver Delicas beads. The handmade bead woven bezel only captures the brilliance of the huge crystal. 

FYI: Due to the sturdy construction of this ring this ring is only slightly adjustable to larger. 

Therefore we offer this ring in several adjustable sizes.

We only have a limited quantity of these beautiful rings available.

Get one for your self or a special person today!

This ring is an original design of Lexi Butler Designs and nowhere else available

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