As Seen On Vlogger Kyla Rebecca 14 K Gold Filled Aqua Drop Necklace

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Aqua drop gold necklace is presented by Influential Vlogger Kyla Rebecca

This gorgeous artisan made Aqua drop gold necklace was gifted to the influential You Tube Vlogger Kyla Rebecca who has an impressive 36,002 subscribers for the purpose of product presentation.

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Here are her exact words as she is opening the box:" Ohhh my God, this is so pretty.This is like an ocean.This is beautiful. It's kind of like a tear drop shaped stone and it's a beautiful color. It reminds me of an ocean. Once again it has the dainty gold chain which I absolutely love - that is my style! This is so beautiful I love it.  It's so much prettier than the stuff you get in stores, I am not even kidding. it is so sweet. The presentation of this is so amazing too. They definitely put their stuff together with love. That is so beautiful. Thank you so much for the allowing me the opportunity to have this piece of jewelry.

You can not go wrong with our hand crafted bright aqua drop gold necklace made from sparkly 14 k gold filled chain necklace which was greatly admired by Kyla Rebecca.

The focal on this simple minimalist aqua drop gold necklace is the bright blue green jade almost glowing faceted pear shaped gemstone drop.

This beautiful aqua drop gold necklace with a blue green pear shaped colored gemstone stone which is 13 mm x 15 mm and wire wrapped with 14 k gold filled wire.

The aqua drop gold necklace presented by Influential Vlogger Kyla Rebecca hangs of a 14 k gold filled chain, which is flat sparkly cable and gives the necklace an additional sense of luxury.

A medium size of 14 k gold filled lobster clasp helps with the easy closure of this beautiful yet simple aqua drop gold necklace 

This 14 K Gold Filled aqua drop gold necklace presented by Influential Vlogger Kyla Rebecca

Necklace length is 18 inches