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Aqua Swarovski Crystal Shank Button Copper Ring Presented by Vlogger BeYouBeautiFULL LBD1110

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This gorgeous ring was gifted to the influential You Tube Vlogger Charmaine Barksdale aka BeYouBeautiFULL who has an impressive 62092 subscribers for the purpose of product presentation.

Here are her exact words as she is opening the ring box:" This one here is from Lexi Butler Designs. OH MY GOSH, I die OH MY GOSH, Lexi, you guys oh my God. You guys can not see the detail of this stone, it has so much depth and the cut is amazing. I love the color, it sparkles like crazy, oh my gosh Lexi you did amazing. I love it, I am keeping it on. Lexi you are amazing!"

 Hand crafted artisan made sturdy double shank copper ring with a super sparkly x- large diagonally sitting 16 mm aquamarine square Swarovski crystal shank button. The large crystal is uniquely fitted onto a hammered copper bowl and sits on the ring shank.

Width of ring crown is 7/8inch

There is only a limited quantity available.

Get yours now and choose your size from 6-12

FYI:The shank button rings are very sturdy yet when dropped on hard surfaces the unprotected stones can chip or even break. Please use care when handling! Just like diamonds the square swarovski crystal shank buttons are cut precisely and some have somewhat pointy edges. We also offer some of  the rings with a beautiful beaded sparkly bezel.


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