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Copper Infinity Red Coral ID Badge Holder Necklace LBD1086

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These  gorgeous Infinity hand crafted wire wrapped ID badge holder beaded gemstone and crystals  necklace will make you smile. It is made partially out handmade  individual connected 5-6 mm red sponge coral gemstone links and  and sparkly Swarovski crystal with gemstone links which are wire wrapped with copper wire that  are connected to a 4 mm copper Rolo chain. The focal point of this already beautiful necklace are the hand crafted 14 gauge copper wire wrapped double infinity symbol which measures 1 inch inch in size. A super sturdy 10 gauge copper ring holds the  one inch antiqued copper Lobster clasp which  will be holding your badge.

The length of the larger lanyard ID necklace part  which you pull over the head is 24 inches. Add 1 1/5inches past the opening. On a normal size of neck measured at the bottom with 14 inches the lanyard length when worn is 12 inches down in total.

This is a  NO FUSS pull over the head beaded lanyard


FYI about Corals

Coral is created by tiny marine organisms called polyps that normally live in colonies and secrete substances to form hard skeletons. These skeletal structures build over the course of generations. There are many different types of corals with different shapes and colors. Most coral used for jewelry grows in small, branch-like structures. Colors most traditionally used in jewelry have been corals (reds/orange-reds/pinks) and blacks. The value of coral depends primarily on its size, color, abundance or scarcity, and condition. Some of the red sponge coral beads have black specks or indentations, only the most costly coral beads in  or stones are deep red and blemish free. We use grade C for our lanyards.

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