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Sterling Silver Pink Jade Adjustable Wire Wrap Finger Toe Ring LBD1280

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Sterling Silver Adjustable PInk Jade Wire Wrap Finger Toe Ring LBD1280

Gorgeous hand crafted 14 gauge solid sterling wire wrap boho style ring. This ring is  adjustable and can be worn as a finger ring or toe ring.

Through the thickness and sturdiness it is only slightly adjustable. The ring will adjust to one size larger, but not smaller. The ring is made out of one piece of sterling silver wire. 

After the ring is shaped and formed by hand and hand tools, the artist hammeres the top half for the sparkly effect.

After the ring is polished to a high shine and every facet sparkles, a 4mm pink jade (jadeite) gemstone bead is wire wrapped with sterling silver wire over the top of each loop

The ring comes in the following adjustable sizes which are listed in the size options.

This is an original design by Lexi Butler 

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Jade is actually a common name for two different gems, nephrite and jadeite. Pink jade is jadeite, a sodium aluminum silicate mineral that rates a 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness. Jadeite is rarer than nephrite, and therefore more valuable.

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