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Customized Bible Verse Hand Stamped Copper Cuff Bracelets LBD1271

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Customized Bible Verse Hand Stamped Copper Cuff Bracelets LBD1271

This gorgeous artisan made hand stamped bracelet will be made to custom with one your favorite bible verse and the bible verse of your choice.

This would make a great spiritual gift for any man or women on a  birthday, anniversary, etc. really anytime you want to tell someone how much you love them! 

I  designed these bracelet for men as well. That's why I chose to go with the 16 gauge, which is durable and not easy to bend,  Please go here if you looking for a narrower bangle bracelet. 

I work with bare raw copper strips  which corner and end I file and sand round to the touch. Then I stamp on it the verse address or verse you request . I buff the whole bangle with steel wool, to achieve that unique rustic look.

Then each bangle is tumbled to a high shine. They are treated with a anti tarnish coat and when treated with care will stay shiny for a long time.

After wearing for a day simply wipe it with a soft non abrasive cloth and keep in dark till you wear it again.

We offer this cuff in five convenient sizes. 


Please  measure your wrist before your wrist bone with a 1/4 inch ribbon or similar and then cut it where it over laps. When you lay it around your wrist  the should ends meet with no gap, but not overlap. Lay the measurerd ribbon 1/4 inch wide flat infront of you and measure it's length.

That is the size of your copper bangle. It should have no slack. This bangle should be worn before the wrist bone.



Copper is said to help with joint pain as with rheumatism and other joint problems. This information is not proven, but the artist herself attests to less pain and more mobility in her hands, mainly because of the constant handling with copper

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