Double Infinity Gender Neutral Leather Wrap Bracelet


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This Men's Leather Wrap Double Infinity Bracelet was part of the Lexi Butler Designs Display at The GBK Primetime Emmys Celebrity Lounge 

Read about it here  IN THE PRESS

This artisan made double Infinity Wrap around bracelets are great gender neutral bracelets for men as for women. The double infinity symbol is formed and shaped by hand with hand tools out of solid 14 gauge copper wire. A sturdy 3mm black leather cord is connected to the swivel end caps. With swivel end caps there is never a wrong side to the bracelet because you can turn it while your wear the bracelet any way you want to.

This bracelet closes with a large pewter copper plated Lobster Claw Clasp.

Each bracelet is made to fit and will be made for a  6,7,8,9 and 10-inch wrist.

It is made to be enjoyed by both men and women equally!



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