Embellished Brass Bullet Casing Rose Quartz Bead Necklace

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Embellished Brass Bullet Casing Rose Quartz Bead Necklace

Precious artisan made up-cycled empty brass bullet casing necklace with a hand made sterling silver crown bezel cup which is united with the brass bullet casing.

 A large beautiful rose quartz bead 12mm  is mounted onto the sterling silver crown bezel cup.

A daisy sterling silver head pin connects and secures the rose quartz bead to the bezel cup.

The sterling silver head pin is wire wrapped into the bail at the top of the brass bullet casing which holds a round 6mm sparkly rose  AB Swarovski crystal for that added sparkle.

In addition, the brass bullet casing is embellished with silver bright filigree.

A large 18 gauge sterling silver hardened jump ring makes it possible to wear that unique handcrafted embellished brass bullet casing amethyst bead necklace with different chains, leather or corded necklaces. 

We offer this necklace with a custom made brown rayon cord necklace with hand crafted wire wrapped sterling silver end caps. The necklace features a sterling silver medium size lobster clasp for easy handling.

We offer the necklace in 16, 18 20 and 22 inches with a little price increase.



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