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Gender Neutral Wire-Wrapped Blue Crazy Lace Agate Gold Luster Seed Bead Pendant LBD1248

  • $ 62.00

Wire-Wrapped Blue-Green Crazy Lace Agate and Rustic Golden Luster Seed Beads. Handsome rustic style round handmade wire-wrapped pendant out of one piece of 14 gauge copper wire frame.

A blue-brown-green 25 mm coin shaped crazy lace agate is focal of this pendant with tiny rustic golden luster seed beads wire wrapped around the out side copper frame that is holding the bead stone with silver artistic wire.

Choose this rustic style hand crafted pendant with either a smooth or braided black leather cord necklace for an even more masculine look or more feminine with a handmade wire knitted 3mm Viking knit with black leather core necklace.

Choose from three different necklace length


Each crazy lace agate gemstone is different they are no two alike. Expect minor differences in colors from blue. green to orange, brown etc. Each stone is beautiful in its own way!

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