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Handmade Wire Wrapped Onyx in a Cage Pendant LBD1221

  • $ 120.00

 Unique hand Crafted Pendant who has in the middle a 20mm or 3/4 in round onyx bead. The bead is encaged by three frame wires out of 16 gauge brass, copper and silver antiqued wire. Eight turquoise beads each 4mm were inter woven with 24 gauge silver artistic wire through the frame wires. The inter woven wires are wrapped around the onyx bead by hand and end in a three wire twisted bail.The bottom end of the brass wire is formed into a loop with hold a sterling silver charm with a 4mm turquoise bead and a red ceramic rondelle bead 8mm.

This gorgeous pendant comes ready to wear with a mocha color twised 3mm rayon cord necklace.
Length of necklace 18 inch plus 2 inch extension
Length of pendnant is 2 1/2 inches

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