Rose and Blue Crystal Copper Chainmaille Necklace


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Step outside the box with this one of its kind design of drop shaped artisan made copper chain maille necklace. Chainmaille is created through the inter looping from jump rings in a repeating pattern.

The beauty in chain maille is the flexibility of the piece itself. It allows the wearer to play with it but always falls back to its original pattern.

This gorgeous hand crafted piece was created by the artisan Lexi Butler with 5 mm copper rollo chain which she inter looped with sterling silver jump rings, which are inter woven with 6mm light sapphire AB and Light Rose AB Swarovski crystal bicones.

The drop shaped pendant measure in length 2 1/4 inches and 1  3/4  inches in width.

The copper rollo chain which continues as necklace has a length of 24 inches. 

The necklace closes with a hand crafted Copper Swirl Closure, which is easy to lock, without fuss, but can not open by itself, because it goes against gravity.

There will only be 10 necklaces available. 

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