September Birthstone Crystal Filigree Bullet Necklace


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Lexi Butler Designs - Unique handcrafted empty silver bullet shell casing birthstone crystal necklace. The empty bullet is embellished with a silver filigree component on which sits a flat September Birthstone Sapphire crystal. The open bottom of the shell casing features a gold-plated rose blossom bead with a dangling clear Swarovski crystal drop. a sapphire AB Swarovski crystal bead closes the top and a sterling silver wrap bail which is united with the sparkly cable chain with lobster clasp closure. Necklace length is 18 inches. 

  • Item# LBD1177
  • Sapphire Crystal September Birthstone
  • Unique empty shell casing necklace
  • 40 S&W Bullet Shell Casing
  • Embellished with Filigree and crystal
  • Swarovski Crystal Sapphire 6 mm Bicone
  • Swarovski Crystal Flat 4 mm 
  • 12mm brass heave gold plated rose blossom bead.
  • 11 x 6 mm Swarovski Crystal AB Drop
  • Sparkly sterling silver flat cable chain
  • Sterling silver lobster clasp 9x6mm
  • Necklace length is 18 inches
  • Handmade in Montana

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Type: Necklace

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