Sparkly Copper Chainmaille Crystal Bling Bracelet


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Oh so sparkly is our hand crafted bracelet out of copper and sterling silver chain maille and crystal chain. Chainmaille, the combination of inner looped and connected o -rings, which the artist Lexi Butler did here creating to copper antiqued copper chains. Also connected to the two copper chain is a rhinestone crystal chain, which is partly inter looped with the copper chain the ends and in the middle. The bracelet is completely flexible. A beautiful hand crafted shiny hammer forged 14 gauge sturdy copper hook closure gives the bracelet the finishing touch. 

The closure is decorative and can be worn on top as well!

Each bracelet is made to custom for your wrist from 6 inches to a 9-inch wrist.

Choose your bracelet according to your wrist size, when you measure your wrist, measure snug.



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