Stackable Wire Wrapped Rhinestone Bangle in Jet Black Crystal Color


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Stackable Wire Wrapped Rhinestone Bangle in Jet Black Color 2mm Swarovski crystals

The base frame for this stackable wire wrapped rhinestone bangle is made from sturdy gauge copper wire which was forged and hardened by a hammer into the bangle to retain its shape.

The ends of the copper bangle are looped with hand tools to make the stackable wire wrapped rhinestone bangle feel smooth against your skin.

This unique stackable wire wrapped rhinestone bangle is made with sterling silver wire and jet black size 2 mm Swarovski crystal cup chain.

The sparkly stackable wire wrapped rhinestone bangle is securely wire wrapped multiple times with 24 gauge sterling silver wire around the super sparkly Swarovski cup chain. 

The stackable wire wrapped rhinestone bangle is made with impeccable craftsmanship by the artisan Lexi Butler.

Wear the super pretty stackable wire wrapped crystal chain bangle on many occasions, and be ready to be admired.

When Lexi Butler designed that gorgeous stackable wire wrapped rhinestone bangle, she had in mind to create a unique piece, that speaks of her craftsmanship, classy, sparkle yet kept it an affordable must own piece of artisan jewelry

A piece that looks and feels like diamond jewelry! A piece of jewelry that makes you feel good about yourself. A piece of jewelry that will make you feel like one in a million. A piece like the stackable wire wrapped crystal bangle will add some sparkle to your day.

Our stackable wire wrapped crystal chain bangle is only available here on our website.

The stackable wire wrapped crystal chain bangle is available in 5 wrist sizes.

To get the right size:

Measure your wrist tight before your wrist bone! That is your wrist size, not your bracelet size. This stackable wire wrapped rhinestone bangle is custom made to fit.


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