Sterling Silver 4 mm Hot Pink Ruby Cabochon Studded Earrings

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Sterling Silver 4 mm Hot Pink Lab Created Ruby Cabochon Studded Earrings

Artisan made fantastic hand crafted pair of studded sterling silver hot pink gemstone earrings.

A hot pink lab created ruby cabochon of 4 mm have been set in sterling silver bezel cup that sits on the sterling silver notched each ear post. You can hear a click when the butterfly nut snaps securely into the groove on the post.

Earrings measure approximately 4.5 mm.

One of the great things about handmade work is that each piece is truly unique, so minor variations from one piece to another is completely normal.

Jewelry is packaged and shipped in a lovely jewelry box ready for gift giving!


For those of interest:

 Ruby is the red member of the corundum (Al2O3) family.  The red color of ruby is due to chromium doping. The rubies that we use in our Studded sterling silver earrings are lab grown ruby gems which have the same composition and physical properties but have higher perfection than is usually seen in natural rubies.  We are able to offer the lab-grown ruby gemstones which the artisan Lexi Butler sets in tiny hand crafted 4mm sterlings silver bezel cups which she solders on sturdy 20 gauge earring posts. We can offer you these precious posted ruby earrings at a small fraction of the cost of comparable natural rubies.   

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