Wire Wrapped Sparkly Silver Sodalite Gemstone Donut Pendant


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Lexi Butler Designs: You may see a bird spreading his wings or an angel in flight when looking at this unique handcrafted gemstone pendant. The sodalite gemstone donut is accented with an oval hammered and sculpted copper component which is held in place by a sterling silver wrap decorated with yet another sterling silver element which has two embedded flat crystals. The smooth black velvet cord with the sterling silver coiled ends and lobster clasp give this unique handmade rhodonite gemstone pendant its final touch.

  • Item# LBD1023
  • 1 1/8 inch Sodalite Gemstone Donut
  • Hammer and Sculpted Copper Component
  • Sterling Silver Wrapping Wire
  • Sterling Silver Element
  • 2 flat back Swarovski crystals AB 3mm
  • Black velvet necklace cord
  • Sterling silver wire coiled closure and lobster clasp
  • Length of necklace is 20 inches
  • Made in Montana

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No gemstones donuts are the same and vary in color and pattern

Sodalite:  It is said Sodalite is a very flexible stone that you can pair with several stones and crystals, especially if you want to attract good luck, wealth, and abundance.

Type: Necklace

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