Wire Wrapped Sterling Silver and Turquoise Ankle Bracelet


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Show of your ankles in style with our artisan made wire wrapped anklets. These ankle bracelets are made out of individual connected interlinked sterling silver wire links with 4 mm turquoise jasper beads with double sterling silver filled chained sections in be tween the links.
There are no jump rings in between that could be pulled open. The foot bracelets close with a sterling silver lobster clasp medium in size and a charm with a Swarovski crystal rondel with two turquoise jasper beads.
The ankle bracelet displayed is the 11 inches x-large.
For a smaller ankle, the chain section will be shortened and beads will be taken out. 
For a larger one beads will be added.


  • 21.5 cm / 8.5 inches(petite)
  • 23cm / 9 inches / (small) - most popular
  • 24.2 cm / 9.5 inches / (medium) - most popular
  • 25.5 cm / 10 inches/ (large) - most popular
  • 28.9 cm / 11 inches (x-large)
  • 30.5 cm/  12 inches (xx-large)

Anklets should hang just below your ankle bone.  To determine the size you need measure with a non-stretchy string or tape measure below your ankle bone.  If you held the measuring device snug, then add 7mm-14mm (1/4” - 1/2"), depending on how loose you want your anklet.  Therefore, if your ankle measures 21.6 cm (8½"), you will want an anklet size 22cm-23cm (8¾” - 9").  If you’re unsure about your result, you can use a flexible, non-stretchy string or cord on your ankle about where you want your anklet to lay.  Then mark or cut the cord exactly where it meets and measure the resulting length. 


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